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Apr 27 2022
William J. Yost, MD, FACP
Apr 21 2022
AIAMC 2022 Annual Meeting Photo Gallery...
Apr 14 2022
Virginia “Ginny” Mohl, MD, PhD, Co-Chair AIAMC NI VIII on Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI)
Apr 14 2022
Advocate Aurora Health Institutional Repository
Apr 13 2022
The March/April 2022 Alliance Update is now available. Be sure to catch up on our latest news.
Mar 31 2022
Appreciating the 5 Languages of Emotional Love by Victor O. Kolade, MD
Mar 31 2022
Interview with Deb Simpson, PhD, 2022 AIAMC Ethel Weinberg, MD Award Recipient
Mar 16 2022
Has the Relationship Between Physician and Patient Changed? The Doctor Stories William J. Yost, MD, FACP
Mar 14 2022
The Reward for Work Done is More Work Victor O. Kolade, MD
Mar 11 2022
At our Town Hall meeting held March 25th in New Orleans, the AIAMC membership approved the following officers for...
Feb 15 2022
Behind The Curtain Victor O. Kolade, MD
Feb 11 2022
The AIAMC Board of Directors recently announced OhioHealth as the winner of the 2022 AIAMC Innovation Award.
Feb 08 2022
The AIAMC and The Proximity Project are offering a unique year-long training program for healthcare professionals
Feb 03 2022
Extended Reach Victor O. Kolade, MD (AIAMC Roles: Member of Board of Directors & Programming Committee)
Jan 17 2022
The January/February 2022 Alliance Update is now available. Be sure to catch up on our latest news.
Jan 11 2022
What Am I Listening To Now? Deborah (Deb) Simpson, PhD (AIAMC Roles: Member of Program Committee & former Member BoD)
Dec 20 2021
Take your justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) work to the next level with proximity!
Dec 16 2021
Enticing You to Write a Book Review
Nov 30 2021
On-Line registrations for the AACOM/AOGME-AIAMC joint program are now being accepted.
Nov 26 2021
On-Line registrations for AIAMC 2022 Webinar Series are now being accepted.