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Claiming CME

1. Visit
2. Select “Go to the CME Conference Portal”
3. Enter your e-mail address and select “Log In”
4. Select “Click Here to show a list of conferences for self-registration”
5. Scroll down to “AIAMC 2023 ational Initiative IX Meeting One and hit select on the left.
6. Select “Log in to claim credits for conference”
7. Confirm your personal information, then hit “Save Data and Continue”
8. Enter the number of credits, check the box to confirm the credits, then select “Enter credits”
9. Click print certificate
The conference will show up under the list of conferences you have attended.  You can select it to print your certificate. Conferences you have attended previously will also show on this screen. 
You can visit this site to print your certificate(s) at any time for your records.
If you have any questions, please contact Katie Guillot at