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March 04 - November 04, 2021

Thursday, March 04th

1:00 - 2:00 pm ET

To view agenda in pdf format

To view agenda in pdf format, click here

1:00 - 1:50 pm ET

Workforce Psychological Health During a Pandemic in a Large Academic Medical Center

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Laura T. Safar, MD, Vice Chair of Psychiatry

Kendea Oliver, PhD, Associate Psychologist

Erica Savino-Moffatt, LHMC, RN, NP, Staff Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer Almeida, LICSW, Staff Social Worker

Our large, tertiary care academic medical center took care of patients with Covid-19 starting early in the pandemic - a time of fear and uncertainty. The role of our Psychiatry Division was to provide psychological support for colleagues deployed to the frontlines. The Division’s interventions included a warm line, skills-based support groups, debrief support groups, and individual psychotherapy and medication management treatment. We share lessons learned, including: The importance of offering the right intervention, at the right place, at the right time. To discern the aspects of colleagues’ psychological health that fall under the scope of mental health interventions in the workplace; those that are best addressed by colleagues’ private relationship with their health providers; those related to characteristics of the workplace, such as feeling safe, valued and respected, which fall under the scope of the institution’s leadership. This is an interactive session. We will present Case Vignettes that will be used to trigger small groups’ discussion.

Thursday, April 01st

1:00 - 1:50 pm ET

Lessons Learned from the AIAMC National Initiatives

Rob Dressler, MD, MBA, Quality and Safety Officer, Academic and Medical Affairs, ChristianaCare

Virginia "Ginny" Mohl, MD, PhD, DIO and Medical Director Education, Billings Clinic

James "JP" Orlando, EdD, Chief GME Officer, St. Luke's University

W. John Yost, MD, Vice President for Medical Education and Research, UnityPoint Health - Des Moines 

Join four AIAMC members as they tell their story of what participation in the AIAMC National Initiatives has meant to them and their sponsoring institutions.  Panelists include a new DIO with new GME programs, a seasoned executive with a long-standing academic enterprise, and experiences varying from just one Initiative to all seven held to date.  Participants will learn how the AIAMC National Initiatives have been Game Changers for the 67 hospitals and health systems and more than 1.200 individuals who have contributed to date.  You will hear how the National Initiatives provide vital connections and the now-more-important-than-ever sense of community.  Participants will also be the first to learn the theme for AIAMC National Initiative VIII:  you won’t want to miss the exciting official announcement!  This 50-minute session will be highly interactive as we learn from one another.

Thursday, May 06th

1:00 - 1:50 pm ET

JEDI Series - DEI, Anti-Racism Competencies and the Clinical Learning Environment

Lisa Howley, PhD, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships in Medical Education, and Kamilah Weems, MS, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)

AIAMC Team Leaders from National Initiative V Reactor Panel:  

Gillian Abshire, Director, GME, Virginia Mason Medical Center 

Elizabeth Beiter, MD, Assistant Program Director, Family Medicine, TriHealth

This is the first of our four JEDI “Series Within a Series”.  Learn about the AAMC’s competencies for diversity, equity, and inclusion from Lisa Howley, PhD, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships in Medical Education.  Dr. Howley’s presentation will be followed by two AIAMC leaders of National Initiative V:  Improving Community Health and Health Equity through Medical Education.  These members will share the results of their health equity projects and where their institutions stand today in the face of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.  We hope you join this robust discussion!

Thursday, June 03rd

1:00 - 1:50pm ET

JEDI Series - I Wish I had Said Something...Learning to Be an Active Bystander/Upstander in the Face of Microaggressions

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Jalil Afnan, MD, MRCS, Designated Institutional Official

Anne Mosenthal, MD, FACS, Chief Academic Officer

Sheri Keitz, MD, PhD, Chair, Department of Medicine

Elizabeth Nilson, MD, MPH, FACP, Program Director, Internal Medicine

Microaggressions continue to surface during daily interactions with patients, among caregivers and elsewhere in our Healthcare organizations. This has a negative impact on healthcare access and delivery, education and undermines personal and team well-being. This session will define microaggressions, provide historical context and current impact on Healthcare Institutions. Facilitators will lead participants in a review and discussion of microaggressions based on real vignettes. There will be a focus on how to challenge these behaviors, mechanisms to report such occurrences and expectations for Leadership and Institutional response. Key points will be reviewed in a final session, and participants will receive a list of reference publications and notable National initiatives that support best practice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Thursday, July 15th

1:00 pm - 1:50 pm ET

JEDI Series - Approaching Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Across Medical Education - 3 Approaches and Cross Cutting Themes

Aurora Health Care, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center and TriHealth

Deborah Simpson, PhD, Director – Education, Aurora Health Care

Steven D. Johnson, MD, DIO and VP, Academic Affairs, TriHealth

Anne C Mosenthal MD, FACS, Chief Academic Officer, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

Jacob Bidwell, MD, DIO, and VP, Academic Affairs, Aurora Health Care

Medical educators have long recognized the need to address Addressing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI): from trainee and faculty recruitment to education and to trainings on implicit bias and policies. Often each of these approaches is undertaken in isolation due to time/resources despite recognizing their interactive effects. This session will highlight three AIAMC members’ comprehensive EDI medical education plans with progress and metrics to date. Participants will be divided into small breakout groups to identify additional EDI activities undertaken by participants and metrics with each breakout co-facilitated by planning members representing two of our three organizations to optimize perspectives and report outs. Facilitators will report out their small group’s findings and explore opportunities for collaboration across organizations. Closing comments from session leaders along with a curated reference and resource list will be provided.

Thursday, August 05th

1:00 - 1:50 pm ET

JEDI Series - Recruiting for Today and Tomorrow: Diversity and Wellness in the Clinical Learning Environment

TriHealth and UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

Becky Fleig, MEd, Administrative Director, Graduate Medical Education, TriHealth

W. John Yost, MD, VP for Medical Education and Research, UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

Using a case-based format, attendees will share experiences and best practices in two key areas of recruitment:  diversity and wellness.  Participants will have the opportunity to compare and contrast and focus on both different practices and results.  This workshop will be highly interactive and offers an excellent opportunity for networking with AIAMC colleagues.

Thursday, September 02nd

1:00 - 1:50 pm ET

AIAMC Book Club: Crazy Brave


Virginia “Ginny” Mohl, MD, PhD, DIO and Medical Director Education, Billings Clinic

James Dalton, MD, Director of Medical Education, Bassett Medical Center

Back by popular demand is the 4th Annual AIAMC Book Club!  

The AIAMC Book Club selection for 2021 is the excellent memoir Crazy Brave by Joy Harjo, the First Native American Poet Laureate of the United States.  Joy Harjo's memoir is the perfect companion to the journey we are taking as a community of healthcare leaders and educators. As we arise from the complexities of the COVID 19 pandemic an all that we have learned, let us take an opportunity to stretch ourselves and better understand how our differences are truly our strengths.  Part poetry, part unflinching hard truths and part spiritual quest, Crazy Brave offers us a space to break open to find our own voices, improve our ability to listen, and to see through the vision of this uniquely gifted artist.  We recommend you consider experiencing this book as an audible narration as hearing the stories and poetry in Joy Harjo's own voice is a true gift.  

Thursday, October 07th

1:00 -1:50 pm ET

Simulation Training for the Multi-Disciplinary Team

Ohio Health Riverside Methodist Hospital

Karen D’Angelo, MD, Associate Program Director, OB-GYN

Brad Gable, MD, MS, FACEP, System Medical Director, OhioHealth Simulation

Stephanie McGill, DO, PGY-3 OB-GYN Resident 

In this interactive workshop, you will develop your own multi-disciplinary simulation to train your learners for a high-acuity, low-frequency event. We will discuss the different simulation environments and modalities as well as walk through the planning and execution of a multi-disciplinary simulation. Formal debriefing and its importance will be reviewed. We will examine enablers and barriers to implementing multi-disciplinary simulation. Lastly, we will share our survey results and how these simulations have been beneficial to our learners, and patients.

Thursday, November 04th

1:00 - 1:50 pm ET

Telling the Story of GME's Value to Health Care System Using Evidence that Matters

Aurora Health Care 

Deborah Simpson, PhD, Director - Education

Jacob Bidwell, MD, DIO, and VP, Academic Affairs

Tricia La Fratta, MBA, Manager, Graduate Medical Education

Colleen Nichols, MD, Program Director, Transitional Year

It’s budget time and you’ve been advised (again) that budgets are “tight”, “reduced”, “constrained”. How can you use evidence to demonstrate your value to these and other key stakeholders (e.g., board, medical group leadership, foundation donors)? Using a stepwise key stakeholder driven evaluation approach we identified what system leaders’ value regarding our GME programs, then compared that with what our GME leaders’ value, and identified associated evidence to demonstrate GME’s return on investment to the system. This interactive session will review our approach and findings with session participants actively engaged in identifying evidence that matters and communication strategies to enable them to tell the story of GME’s value to their stakeholders. Closing comments from session leaders along with a curated reference and resource list will be provided.