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Supporting Inclusion Culture: Creating a Forum for Safe Discussion (Recording)

Supporting Inclusion Culture: Creating a Forum for Safe Discussion: Grant Medical Center and Riverside Methodist Hospital - OhioHealth

Joel Shaw MD, Director of Medical Education, Grant Medical Center

Nanette Lacuesta, MD, System Program Director, Student Outreach, OhioHealth

As we strive to have more diversity within residency programs, we must make a conscious effort to also support inclusion. We define inclusion as an environment where all can thrive and succeed while being their whole selves. Residency programs are skilled in teaching clinical skills, but often struggle teaching cultural competency and developing a safe environment for this discussion. This session will assist in self-assessment of your program’s inclusion efforts and provide a model to develop a case-based curriculum to open discussion and learning around inclusion and cultural competence. This session will include education and role modeling on facilitating discussions following the tenets of emotional intelligence (EQ) and allow participants the opportunity to practice facilitation of a group discussion.

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