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July New Book Review!

Hello Molly! A Memoir – Inspirational!

Cheryl Goliath, PhD is past co-chair of AIAMC Annual Meeting

As life got hectic, I lost my time to read, so I shifted to Audible in the car as a way to reconnect with books.  I tend to gravitate to books about well-known people telling their back stories.  I prefer when they read their book on Audible.  I listened to Hello Molly because I had always liked Molly Shannon on Saturday Night Live and the way she committed to everything she did.  She seemed to literally throw herself into every skit 100% and never seemed to fall out of character and that commitment to her work was impressive. 

I enjoyed her varied roles, appearing in comedies (Enlightened, Will & Grace, Serendipity), dramas (Other People, Promising Young Woman) and look forward to seeing her in her new movie A Good Person which seems to be a departure of her previous roles. 

She always seemed to be such a positive person and I was curious to learn her story. 

Many times we see celebrities and make assumptions as to how they got to this place of notoriety and success and more times than not their journey is not what we would expect.  This is certainly the case with Molly.  Her life began with significant tragedy and continued with challenges that she navigated with love, sadness, humor, isolation, more humor, more love, etc. 

This book was one of the more inspirational books I have read.  To learn what she went through and how hard she worked to get to achieve all she did should make everyone look at themselves and ask if they would have responded in similar kind and risen above all of her obstacles.  I don’t know her, but I am proud of her.  Great book.

Brief Bio:  Cheryl Goliath, PhD is the Executive Director, Medical Education Administration for Cleveland Clinic Akron General in Akron, Ohio.  She received her PhD from The University of Akron in Educational, Instructional and Curriculum Supervision.