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2022 Innovation Award Winner Named

The AIAMC Board of Directors recently announced OhioHealth as the winner of the 2022 AIAMC Innovation Award.  They will be recognized with this esteemed honor at our awards dinner in New Orleans on Friday, March 25th.  Resident Escape Room to Promote Quality and Patient Safety Concepts was submitted by Sara Sukalich, MD, MEd,  Senior Director, Medical Education and DIO.  Contributing authors were Gary Duncan, MD; Ryan K Brinn, MD; Zach Baird, DO; Joel Shaw, MD; and Brad D Gable, MD, MS, FACEP.  Escape rooms have been widely used in nursing, pharmacy, and to a lesser degree resident education. The use of escape rooms to deliver patient safety and quality improvement education has been less widely reported. As a new generation becomes the primary population of medical residents, growth of hands-on experiential learning, like escape rooms, will be needed to match learner needs. In groups of three to four, learners from all OhioHealth residency and fellowship programs completed nine puzzle escape rooms over a 15-minute period. Upon completion, a 15-minute group debrief clarified learning points from each puzzle. Following the debrief, learners responded to a standard Return on Investment in Learning questionnaire.  A total of 307 of OhioHealth’s 409 residents and fellows completed the escape room education (75.1%). Learners’ self-reported confidence increased (agree/strongly agree) in their ability to: describe key aspects of quality improvement (94%), explain important aspects of patient safety (96.5%),  and demonstrate the event reporting process for patient safety events (96.2%). The total cost of materials for the escape room was just $94.75.  Congratulations!