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daterange Mar 27, 2020

location Webinar


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National Initiative VII Meeting Two:  Implementing Teaming

Keynote Address:  Frances Johnston, PhD, CEO and Founder, Teleos Leadership Institute

Being a Resonant Team

We are pleased to announce that our planned keynote address for National Initiative VII Meeting Two will be offered via webinar to National Initiative VII participants free of charge on March 27th at 2:00 pm EDT.  Non-national initiative participants may attend at a nominal fee.  


Mar 27 2020

Keynote Address: Being a Resonant Team

Keynote Address: Being a Resonant Team

Frances Johnston, PhD, CEO and Founder, Teleos Leadership Institute

The Being a Resonant Team session is all about moving from theory to practice – how you implement leader and member behaviors that will create healthy and high-performing teams. As healthcare is increasingly characterized by interdisciplinary teams it is critical to attend to not only WHO is around the patient but also HOW the work gets done. As teams quickly come together and disassemble, leaders and members must be intentional about creating a team environment where everyone can thrive. A healthy and resonant team leads to open communication and effective collaboration which ultimately provides the best outcomes for the patient. In this session, Dr. Johnston will invite participants to learn experientially by considering their own teams and how they can implement best practices back at work.