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President & Chief Executive Officer

Job Description / Duties

Arbor Research Collaborative for Health is seeking candidates for the President/Chief Executive Officer position to act in the capacity of the highest ranking executive to make major organizational decisions; oversee research, operations, technology, and financial resources and planning; and provide the main point of contact between management and the board of directors.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership and overall direction for all organizational activities in pursuit of the Arbor Research mission; motivate colleagues and staff to work toward a shared vision
  • Serve as a member of the Board of Directors and board committees per organizational bylaws
  • Lead the development, implementation, and periodic redevelopment of the organization’s strategic plan
  • Oversee the development and execution of the organization’s annual plan and budget
  • Champion the pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness throughout Arbor Research
  • Recruit and develop members of the Executive Team who are aligned with the organization’s Core Values
  • Represent Arbor Research to its sponsors, to the research community, and to other constituents; develop and maintain relationships for continued projects and explore new opportunities and partnerships for research and funding from both public and private funding sources
  • Build community through open, responsive, and visible communication that encourages reciprocal trust both internal and external to Arbor Research

Qualifications / Required Skills

Required Qualifications

  • MD or PhD strongly preferred
  • Established leader with proven track record in the areas of Arbor Research’s expertise
  • Proven ability to secure appropriate funding sources for existing projects, and to cultivate new resources for program development and research initiatives
  • Strong record of effective, collaborative leadership; ability to manage and motivate colleagues and staff to work toward a shared vision
  • History of building community through open, responsive and visible communication that encourages reciprocal trust both internal and external to Arbor Research
  • Recognized competence in the management and allocation of financial resources
  • Must understand and support the mission of Arbor Research


Job Applicants must submit a personalized cover letter and resume/CV.

Additional Information

Arbor Research Collaborative for Health, a not-for-profit organization located in Ann Arbor, MI, is the preferred employer for professionals passionate about improving health care policy, health care delivery, and health outcomes through evidence based research. At our core, we value collaborative spirit, creativity, credibility, and dedication. Our interdisciplinary team brings together expertise from a variety of fields and disciplines to answer complex research questions by thinking across boundaries and generating innovative approaches.

Bright, enthusiastic individuals thrive at Arbor Research. We provide a rich benefits package along with high quality learning and development opportunities, and a casual yet professional work environment in support of achieving a positive work/life balance. These attributes provide our dedicated employees the flexibility to work collaboratively and creatively in order to make credible contributions to the research community. Join our diverse and dynamic team today and contribute to the improvement of patient care in the future!

More information about Arbor Research can be found on our website at, including the history of Arbor Research, current Annual Report, and an overview of our research programs.

Core Values

Our core values define who we are as an organization and serve as the foundation of our code of ethics. Arbor Research expects all employees to embody these and demonstrate them in our day-to-day work.

Collaborative Spirit

We expect each staff member to learn from and teach one another, and ask each to exhibit a curiosity and respect for the contributions of others.


We strive to cultivate a challenging, stimulating, and supportive environment where our employees are expected to be inquisitive, take initiative, and demonstrate ingenuity.


Our employees are smart, thoughtful, and objective in their work. We expect them to be technically solid in their area of expertise, and for those conducting research to demonstrate scientific rigor.


Our team achieves success because of our dedication to carrying out high quality work and delivering trusted results.

Supervision Received

Responsible and accountable to the Arbor Research Board of Directors.

Supervision Exercised

Direct reports include all Vice Presidents, Executive Coordinator to the President, and Human Resource Director.


Contact Information

Arbor Research Collaborative for Health has retained Aegis Group Search Consultants, LLC to recruit its next President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  

Arbor Research Collaborative for Health (Arbor Research) is a health and health care research organization headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI.   

A national search is underway to identify candidates. 

An interested party can gain more information and submit a confidential interest to John Green via

Employer Profile

Arbor Research has maintained an extensive, research legacy in data collection and analysis, renal research, kidney disease, dialysis outcomes, medical outcomes and transplant recipient outcomes. Over the years, this research legacy  has expanded to investigate chronic diseases, end-stage organ failure, health outcomes, health policy, reimbursement practices, health disparities, and health care disparities.  The Arbor Research enterprise organizes data and conducts research to impact patients, providers and policies.

Arbor Research deploys an array of multi-functional teams of clinicians, biostatisticians, database managers, programmers, software engineers, and staff to conduct national and global projects.  The configuration of resources and complements allows Arbor Research to provide expertise in biostatistical analysis, clinical practice, health economics, public policy, database management and integration, and project coordination and management.  Arbor Research’s trans-disciplinary approach and expertise yields dividends to innovative and efficient outcomes, analytics, accountability, and client value.  

Arbor Research seeks a leader with health and healthcare research organization skills that includes business development, organizational effectiveness and research administration to advance the Arbor Research vision to generate evidence for decision-making and innovation to improve health care policy, health care delivery, and health outcomes.  Additionally, the CEO is the company conductor to orchestrate the organization’s values and to promote diversity, inclusiveness, equity, integrity, culture, team, and collaboration.  The CEO Search Committee seeks to meet candidates who will advocate to achieve Arbor Research’s strategic imperatives as well as maintain company principles.  Currently, Arbor Research is committed to pursue and impact five imperatives:  the research portfolio; the people, the operations, the technology, and financial models.  The new leader must approach growth in a balanced manner that is appropriate to the organization’s capacity and return on investment model.  

Further, the CEO should be an astute leader who exudes enthusiasm for research, people, community, collegiality, integrity, and innovation.